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Is your bedroom in need of some TLC but you don’t want to spend a fortune on it?  

You might want to pop into your local IKEA and pick up some furniture bargains to hack up!

Or let’s be honest, you probably already own a ton of IKEA items but just don’t know how to make them look nice and cute.

You’ve come to the right place! Today I am sharing with you all my favorite IKEA bedroom hacks I’ve found from all over the internet to help you make your bedroom look stunning.

Let’s get started!

11 Genius IKEA Bedroom Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

1.IKEA Malm Bed Into a Four-Poster

This blogger wanted a four-poster bed but didn’t want to spend all the money that would require.

So instead of buying a new one, they re-did their IKEA Malm bed by adding 4 posts to the bed, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

They also added some drapes to soften up the look and have a canopy effect.

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2.DIY Vintage Style Gold Dresser

Who knew you could create a stunning dresser using only 2 items?

-The actual dresser &

-Gold Contact Paper

An IKEA Malm dresser has never looked this great!

3.DIY Headboard with Brass Nails

Okay, this ain’t no quick DIY project you can whip up in an afternoon, but I promise the outcome is so worth it.

A headboard like this can easily cost you more than a $1000 but this blogger created it using an IKEA bed frame for a quarter of the cost!

I don’t think I will try to tackle this gorgeous DIY any time soon but if you are looking for a stunning headboard and have some time and creativity up your sleeve than this is the bed for you!

4.Bamboo IKEA Cutting Board Floating Nightstand

If you are in need of a minimalist nightstand than this might be the one for you.

Using a simple IKEA cutting board you can create a totally elegant nightstand for any tiny bedroom.

The video guide for this hack can be found here!

5.IKEA Lack Shelf Unit

The lack shelf unit might just be the most functional IKEA item ever.

There are so many awesome ways to use this $50 unit but this bedroom hack might be my favorite.

Create extra storage space instantly with the shelf that also functions as a nightstand.

6.Rolling Under Bed Storage Box

Do you only have a small amount of space under your bed but you want to make the most of it?

This IKEA hack will help you achieve that goal with ease.

Using 2 IKEA photo frames you can create this uber-cute and functional under-bed rolling storage in just a matter of hours and best of all, it’s totally customizable! Check out Curbly for the full guide!

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7.West Elm Inspired IKEA Dresser

What’s a girl to do when she sees a stunning dresser in West Elm but doesn’t want to fork up $999 for it?!

She DIYs it, obviously!

This lady managed to create an almost copycat version of a West Elm dresser out of an IKEA one.

To be honest, I think her version actually looks better than the original one, without the price tag!

8.Wire Basket Side Table

I’m sure you’ve come across wire basket tables before but this one looks extra chic with some ombre going on!

This DIY will take you less than an hour to do but will look great as a bedside table or a living room side table. Check out the guide at I Spy DIY!

9.Moroccan Wedding Blanket DIY

Ahhh! I’m in love with this gold and frilled blanket!

These blankets used to be made by the brides family in Moroccan culture, in anticipation of the wedding.

You may think this blanket might set you back hundreds of dollars but in reality, you can create it for less than $20 using an IKEA Gurli blanket and some lace, trim and gold sequins.

10.Gold Upholstered Bench

If you need a fancy looking end bench for your bedroom why not use an IKEA Vittsjo TV unit like this blogger did?!

You could use whichever fabric you like to turn the tv unit to a bench. The best thing about this is you get some extra storage space on the shelves for small items like books, magazines or even shoes! Check out the full guide over at Dwellings by Devore.

11.Brass Pulls to Spruce Up A Bed

If you have one of those IKEA bed frames with a pull-out storage station underneath then this is a great hack to try to quickly and easily make the bed look more glam and much more functional.

It can get annoying always trying to wriggle those pull-out drawers out from underneath your bed so this hack makes it easy as pie!

I also like how the golden pulls add a beautiful touch to the otherwise boring white bed. Check out the tutorial at One-o!

Hope you enjoyed these DIY IKEA Bedroom Hacks and let me know which one was your favorite down in the comments!

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